Thank you for visiting Kern High School District’s Web site and for reviewing our privacy policy. We collect no personal information about you unless you choose to provide that information to KHSD.

Some of our Web Pages let you voluntarily submit personal information. In those cases, every attempt will be made to protect your privacy. Kern High School District cannot, however, provide any guarantees as to the absolute security of your personal information.

Information Collected by KHSD:

If you do nothing during your visit to Kern High School District Web site but browse through the site, read pages or download information, we automatically collect and store the following information about your visit:

  • The date and time you visited the site.
  • The web pages or services you accessed at the site.
  • The type of browser (such as Netscape or Internet Explorer) that you are using.

The information we automatically collect or store may be used to improve the content of our web services and to help us understand how people are using our services. We may analyze our Web site logs to continually improve the value of the materials available on our site. Our Web site logs are not personally identifiable, and we make no attempt to link them with the individuals who browse the Kern High School District Web site.

If, during your visit to the Kern High School District Web site, you participate in a survey, send an e-mail or fill out a feedback form, the following additional information will be collected:

  • E-mail correspondence: The e-mail address, contents of the e-mail and any personal identification/contact information you provide;
  • Surveys: Any information you volunteered in response to a survey, including any personal identification/contact information provided;
  • Feedback Forms: All comments you have provided and any personal identification/contact information you have also provided.

We use your e-mail address to respond appropriately. This may be to respond to you, to address issues you identify, to further improve our Web site, or to forward the e-mail to another agency for appropriate action. Survey information is used for the purpose designated.


What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small amount of data, which may include an anonymous unique identifier, that is sent to your browser from a Web site’s computers and may either be used only during your session (a “session” cookie) or may be stored on your computer’s hard drive (a “persistent” cookie). Cookies can contain data about user movement during the visit to the Web site. If your browser software is set to allow cookies, a Web site can send its own cookie to you. A Web site that has set a cookie can only access those cookies it has sent to you, it cannot access cookies sent to you by other sites.

Why are Cookies Used on Web Sites?

Cookies are one mechanism for maintaining continuity during a user’s visit to a Web site. They allow data to be maintained for a users’ benefit as they navigate a site. This is referred to as “session” or “state management” cookie. These cookies are removed when you terminate your visit to the web site as they are maintained only in your browser’s active memory during your session. Cookies may be also be stored on your computer so that you can be recognized by a Web site on subsequent visits. They can be read by the Web site that set them whenever you enter the Web site. They are often used by Web sites that require you to log in to save you entering all of your log-in information. They may store information on your unique identifier and the areas of the Web site you have visited before. These cookies are stored on your computer’s hard drive after you have left and consequently are often referred to as “persistent” cookies.

Choices about Cookies

You can configure your browser to accept all cookies, reject all cookies, or notify you when a cookie is set. (Each browser is different, so check the “Help” menu of your browser to learn how to change your cookie preferences.)

The Kern High School District Web site does not set any cookies.

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