The Board of Trustees has determined that the public interest may be well-served by election of its governing board members in “by- trustee area” elections, i.e., elections in which “one member residing in each trustee area is elected by the registered voters of that particular trustee area”. At the May 24, 2011 Board meeting, a duly-noticed public hearing was held to solicit public testimony regarding three draft trustee area plans presented by National Demographics Corporation (NDC), which were based upon 2010 Census data and criteria adopted by the Board at its May 10, 2011 meeting. A second Public Hearing was held at the Regular Meeting of June 6, 2011 for the purpose of soliciting public testimony regarding the draft plans presented by NDC.

After discussion and consideration of all input, the Board determined to recommend Plan 2 for adoption by the County Committee as the new electoral system and trustee area plan for Board of Trustees elections for the District and adopted a resolution at its June 6, 2011 meeting. The Board approved plan is available at the following links:


Changes in the election system were implemented with the November 2012 General Election.

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